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Transcultural Dialogues
in an Insecure World

The Koppel Project is pleased to announce an evening of informal discussion, drinks and a live art intervention to celebrate the 16-international-artists group exhibition ‘Monologue Dialogue 4: Mysticism and Insecurity’.

For Space

Curated by Simon Woolham

PAPER gallery
14 - 20 Mirabel Street
M3 1PJ

Exhibition open:
20 May - 24 June 2017, Open every Saturday 11am - 5pm

18 May 2017, 6pm - 9pm

Perpetuating Myths

Once upon a time, beyond seven mountains, beyond seven forests, a black swan came to the town of Corby. The swan was nearly four metres high and looked out on to the boating lake in Thoroughsale Wood.

Meet the Artist

I’m interested in endurance where I’m aiming to maintain a fleeting balance against challenging circumstances, in order to have a personally meaningful experience. The action of art is far more important than the object for me. Frequent strategies I employ are endurance running and endurance drawing, sometimes utilising biofeedback devices to monitor heart rates or the breath to tease out rhythms from the bleakness of certain situations, and in some way qualify my existence and map my interior state.

Post-war public art: questions of taste and time

Much of the art from the City Sculpture Project demonstrates the vision of artists and the need for curators and local authorities to show bravery in commissioning public art, holding their nerve while tastes are acquired to prevent an artificially short shelf life – rather than play it safe and commission something dreadfully mediocre.

Ricochet, Spunk, Daffodil

In Channel 4’s short interview with Banner for the 2002 Turner Prize, she lists her favourite words as “ricochet, spunk, daffodil”. Of all the great words to choose from these three perhaps stand as a lexical Venn diagram, with Banner existing in the areas of overlap.

Dear Friend

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am inhabited by the ghost of the late and respected critic Brian Sewell, and I am writing to you to inform you of Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige’s exhibition at Home in Manchester. I must first apologise…

Ancient & modern:
the myths & reality of drawing

Legend has it that the ancient Greeks Zeuxis and Parrhasius once held a competition to establish who was the better painter. Zeuxis unveiled a painting of grapes so realistic that the birds flew down to peck at them. Zeuxis, keen to reveal Parrhasius’ painting, grasped at the curtain, not realising that it too was a painted illusion. The story offers us a means to navigate this year’s Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Intellectual Property or Shared Cultural Heritage?

“Our poetry now is the realisation that we possess nothing. Anything therefore is a delight (since we do not possess it) and thus need not fear its loss. We need not destroy the past; it is gone. At any moment it might reappear and seem to be and be the present. Would it be repetition? Only if we thought we owned it, but since we don’t, it is free and so are we.”

James Steventon Artist | Writer | Runner

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