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December 2012

Place and Time

An exhibition by members of the A Place in Time? research group.

The University of Northampton
St. George's Avenue

Exhibition open:
11 January - 8 February 2013, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

A Song for Eurydice

Through an interface designed by Leafcutter John, Steventon's elevated heartbeat is transmitted in real time to Singh's live music sequencer. Through a skillful treadmill running performance, the tempo is set by the alternating heart rate. Singh's live vocal response in turn directly affects the heart rate, setting up a circular, symbiotic relationship where Steventon's heart becomes both instrument and perceiving organ, as Singh composes the running journey.

The Heart As A
Perceptual Organ

Arts Council England are supporting James Steventon to realise The Heart As A Perceptual Organ - a period of research and development, resulting in a new collaborative performance, using running to generate and respond to a live vocal score; and a participatory running experience, using biofeedback devices to create a shared experiential encounter through radio transmission of heart-rate data.

James Steventon Artist | Writer | Runner

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