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Sonic Representations
of the Body in
Digital Performance

James Steventon and Jason Singh’s A Song for Eurydice will be presented at University of Reading’s Journeys Across Media 2013 Conference: The Body and the Digital, on 19 April 2013.

The conference will be composed of an intermingling of academic papers, practice-as-research presentations and performances, including keynote speakers Dr. Andy Lavender, Dr. Lisa Purse, Dr. Brian Lobel and Louise Jolly.

“JAM 2013 seeks to foster emerging scholarship that investigates interactions and relationships between the body and the digital.

French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty once stated: ‘The body is our general medium for having a world’. Today, critical approaches and performance/art/media practices concerned with phenomenology, embodiment and the haptic continue to evolve as they encounter, engage with, respond to, incorporate and influence digital cultures.

JAM 2013 would like to open a dialogue about relationships between the body and the digital, particularly as expressed within contemporary scholarship and practices. Our initial questions include: how does the body encounter digital media and how do digital media frames position the body – both in mainstream iterations, social media contexts and in performance contexts? How has digital technology affected the ways in which we understand body movement traditions and conventions, across regional and national borders?”

A Song For Eurydice is a new running based performance by James Steventon and Jason Singh, developed with support from Arts Council England.

Arts Council England

James Steventon Artist | Writer | Runner

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