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A Place in Time?

An embryonic research group made up of artists involved in research into several different areas of fine art practice, including traditional and non-traditional media and also interdisciplinary practice.

All members of the group feel strongly that it is important to establish a platform from which this experimental and intellectual activity can be shared and debated.

The group has selected a question, “Is there a place in time?”, which they feel has a multidimensional potential. The group shares a fascination for exploring and studying the branches of thought related to emergent visual work through practical and discursive enquiry.

The different approaches, diversity in enquiry, personal practice and use of media will contribute to a discussion. By exploring the potentials of this question we will engage with the relationship between the words place and time, and place and time orientated art practice.

Current members include: Graham Keddie (Founding Member), Spencer Graham, Susan Bonvin & Andrew Eden, Gary Price-Hunt, Professor Sebastian Blackie, Desmond Brett, Gail Dickerson, Christina ten Bosch, Ieuan Ward, Tom Hackett, James Steventon and Kelly Gardner.

James Steventon Artist | Writer | Runner

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