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Red Attitude

For Steventon, Art is manifested in a post-quantum environment. A philosophy where there are no binary opposites, no 1 or 0, no black or white, no Liverpool or Everton. Instead of this or that it becomes this and that, black and white become grey, 1-0 becomes a score draw. Liverpool and Everton on cup final day in 1989 allegedly became one big happy family.
Heisenberg observed that making a measurement on an entity alters that entity. The act of observation changes that which is observed.

Steventon considers both Id and Ego, how he perceives the Art and how it is received by the audience.

For Machiavelli, in a nutshell, the end justifies the means. For Steventon there is no real separation of ends and means. There is instead a relationship which is circular and ongoing. Traditionally artist and audience are divided; they are Liverpool and Everton. In Steventon’s interpretation, manifestation and response, they are United.

James Steventon Artist | Writer | Runner

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